Why ThinkBuildDeploy?

Technology Staffing & Consulting with Local, Personalized, Attention

ThinkBuildDeploy's high-quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services has helped clients around the world deploy myriad tech-centric projects in agile environments. Equipped with a rich depth of technical knowledge, ThinkBuildDeploy's integrated network of development facilities across India enables same-day staffing response timing, in typical cases, and with 4-1 optimal cost-efficiency ratios.

Our Competitive Edge

Our Difference — Offshore Technology Staffing & Consulting with Local, Personalized, Attention

The "proof is in the pudding." We have excelled in the offshore staffing business because of four distinctions: Quality, Convenience, Personalized Attention, and Cost. Our quality is spoken from the mouths of our customers, who continue to turn to ThinkBuildDeploy for technical staff augmentation. The convenience in our "work during your business hours" capacity has been a huge advantage to our clients that require seamless integration. ThinkBuildDeploy's personalized attention promises you will always have access to our U.S. based management people at any time and for any reason. Our competitive low rates top it off—our clients enjoy a 4-1 staffing ratio, as compared to local U.S. contractors, enabling greater operational efficiency and broader profit margins.

Our Philosophy — Keep our customer's business objectives and KPIs at the core of our mission

Our mission is to support our clients as a strategic business partner who collaboratively ascertains the best path forward, and strives to provide sensible alternatives when needed. We believe that an ideal outsourcing partner will have the ability to seamlessly integrate with, and extend, your existing operations. The relationship that emerges always results in reciprocal, sustainable, growth and long-term success.

Our People — Expert-level domain knowledge you can rely on

ThinkBuildDeploy's highly-flexible, open-door, culture is inspiring, engaging and tech-savvy promoting career growth and excellent learning opportunities with little turnover. Our people keep our customers' needs at the forefront of their contributions which lends to the success of each and every project. ThinkBuildDeploy teams have demonstrated perfect integrated synergy with our client's teams surpassing customer expectations.

Our Experience — Leveraging our domain knowledge for successful offshore contribution

The management team at ThinkBuildDeploy cumulatively possesses over 75 years of experience working in the U.S. serving Senior Management and Engineering Management tenures. This ensures that ThinkBuildDeploy, as an organization, understands the business ethics and commitment to customer success, quality, and adherence to schedules that you would expect from your offshore vendor.

Our Processes — Flexibility in adjusting to changing requirements

As the software development life cycle progresses, conforming to plan isn't always possible do to modification of requirements. ThinkBuildDeploy not only can adapt well to change requests, but is committed in working towards mitigating any associated schedule slippage that may result.

Features, Benefits, and Value

Offshore Advantage (India)

India remains the leading offshore fulfillment destination world-wide.

Today, 73% of Fortune 2000 companies say 'offshoring' is an important part of their overall growth strategy according to a Duke University CIBER/Archstone Consulting study.

Why India?
  • Local Personalized Attention
  • Ability to Work During U.S. Time Zones
  • Lower Costs; *4-1 ratio
  • Detail Conscious
  • Strong Technical & Business Acumen
  • Outsourcing Maturity
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Agile Augmentation
  • Talent Supply of 300+ Full-time Personnel
  • Security Committed
  • Excellent Communication
*Compared to industrial averages of a U.S. paid solution architect or software/web developer.
Engagement Options

Irrespective of the engagement model, our mission is to add value to our customers and work as a partner— not as a vendor.

Two Engagement Options:

Time & Material: Project and staff is managed by the client; ideal for both short-term and long-term engagements where project requirements are not yet fully vetted. The T&M model is a popular way of quickly extending your existing technology staff and operations.

Fixed-Time/Fixed-Price: Project and staff is managed by ThinkBuildDeploy; ideal when project requirements are fully vetted and supportive documentation is available. Client reviews productivity at predetermined milestones.


Equipped with a variety of software platforms implemented on a robust infrastructure, comprising premium networking equipment and connectivity links.

  • High-speed fiber-optic broadband connection with dedicated 24x7 network management teams on staff to ensure uninterrupted connectivity between ThinkBuildDeploy and client.
  • 24/7 failsafe power supplies with instant backup.
  • Vast expanse of secure, ultra-modern, office space.
  • State of the art network equipment and latest generation development environment.