About ThinkBuildDeploy

Global Offshore Technology Staffing & Consulting with Local, Personalized, Attention

ThinkBuildDeploy is a global provider of offshore IT staffing solutions serving small, medium, and large enterprise organizations spanning myriad industry segments. Founded in 2003, ThinkBuildDeploy has been committed to delivering mission-critical technology support while offering a high level of technical expertise, and a strong commitment to its customer's success. ThinkBuildDeploy differentiates amid other offshore staffing models with its U.S. domestic presence—offering local, personalized, attention in delivering complete end-to-end staffing solutions that meet a variety of business and technology requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Local Personalized Attention
  • Ability to Work During U.S. Time Zones
  • Lower Costs; *4-1 ratio
  • Detail Conscious
  • Strong Technical & Business Acumen
  • Outsourcing Maturity
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Agile Augmentation
  • Talent Supply of 300+ Full-time Personnel
  • Security Committed
  • Excellent Communication
*Compared to industrial averages of a U.S. paid solution architect or software/web developer.

Staffing Engagement Features

Time & Material:

Project and staff is managed by the client; ideal for both short-term and long-term engagements where project requirements are not yet fully vetted. The T&M model is a popular way of quickly extending your existing technology staff and operations.


Project and staff managed by ThinkBuildDeploy; ideal when project requirements are fully vetted and supportive documentation is available. Client reviews productivity at predetermined milestones.

ThinkBuildDeploy's in-house staffing personnel is comprised of more than 300 carefully selected full-time employees with a collective core competency in all aspects of software, web, and mobile application development lifecycles. Our technology processes are deadline savvy, help accelerate time-to-market, conform to the highest quality standards and provide your business with the right talent supply needed to meet project demands.

Whatever the need, ThinkBuildDeploy's quick-to-execute, professional, engagement process helps analyze the situation from a thought leadership perspective and rapidly delivers against strategy, planning, design, development, quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance requirements.

Company Profile



Business Focus

100% offshore software, web, and mobile application development, in addition to related engineering services


Small, mid and large enterprise organizations seeking to augment their existing internal capabilities


Full lifecycle strategy, planning, management, design, development, quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance

Development Center

Gurgaon, India. Located 15 minutes from the Delhi International Airport.

Jaipur, India. Located 100 miles from the Delhi International Airport.

Technical Depth

2 PhDs, 80% with Masters degrees and 90% Computer Science graduates

"At CyberSource we work hard to ensure we partner with leaders. ThinkBuildDeploy qualifies for that description through its skill in eCommerce deployment, its focus and its flexibility. This is a quick-to-execute, professional organization." George Jathas SVP, Worldwide Sales CyberSource - the power of payment